Loren & Rose Transatlantic Screening

NYU Faculty and Friends after the Transatlantic Screening (New York-Berlin) of Loren & Rose on July 19, 2023 Enjoying Lunch at The Round Table in The Algonquin Hotel with Director Anthony Avellino

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An excellent piece of writing, and a tour de force performance by Jacqueline Bisset that reminds us she is one of the world’s finest actresses, leaves us wanting more.
Spencer Lord
[Screenwriter], USA
The movie Loren and Rose takes us on a beautiful relationship journey of a young filmmaker and a savvy, talented, mature actress! The meticulous and delicate weaving of events reveals the depth of the relations among the characters in this film, which I love.
Neela Chipalkatty, MSGA
[Pharmaceuticals Industry Professional], India and USA
Something really struck me from the quote by Rose: "Movies are a mirror to the world." I was simply wondering how this quote translates into what we can learn from the experiences Rose & Loren share through their exchanges. How may we take from the film the understanding, the communication and the art of listening, as we use these insights to make a difference in society...
Max (Parishkrit) Giri
[MA Candidate, International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy, Academy for Cultural Diplomacy], Nepal
Russell Brown’s Loren & Rose illustrates the deep friendship between the two main characters, Loren and Rose, despite their age difference. Their taste in art and perspectives toward life made their relationship much more exciting and informative. I enjoyed watching this excellent film and observing how the characters evolved during the movie.
Zeynep Kurtulus
[Advisory Board Member, Pioneer Academics & Incoming Freshman, Harvard University, 2024-25], Turkey
Starring Jacqueline Bisset and Kelly Blatz, the film takes you on a journey between a legendary actress whose career is winding down, while Loren is an upcoming filmmaker being recognized for a short he did about his mother. Some people might say it reminds them of My Dinner with Andre, it reminds me of the 1990 film Metropolitan. With the current films being released with violence, shoot em up, zombies, and Marvel World, it’s refreshing to see a film where you just have two people having a conversation over a period of time and gleaning life’s experience from each other to improve their personal situation. You will be surprised by the chemistry between Rose (played by Jacqueline Bisset), who is in her mid 70s, and Loren (Kelly Blatz) who is about half her age. If anything, I am hoping that producers, directors, and other people in the entertainment industry will take notice, and Miss. Bisset will receive other offers. Also, check out Pablo Sanchez (his real name, not his stage name) in this film. Enjoy 83 minutes of something different.
D. H. Suchin
[Transportation Professional], USA
If your definition of great cinema includes car chases, computer-generated imagery (CGI), and comic book characters, then this film is not for you. Instead, the film Loren & Rose explores the relationship between a young, gay, first-time director and a legendary, yet under-appreciated, older actress who was never truly given her due. The film revolves around a frank, yet subtle, series of dialogues between the two over a period of years, which occur over three separate meals at the same restaurant. At first apprehensive and standoffish around each other, the two develop a genuine friendship, understanding, trust, and even love for each other. The film centers on the electric dynamic between the two characters, sensitively examining the themes of love, betrayal, disappointment, resilience, the nature of creativity, and what it means to be an artist who retains true integrity. Very well acted and with thought-provoking, insightful dialogue throughout, this is a film whose ideas will stay with you long after an initial viewing.
Sanja Milovac-Carolina
[Consultant, Sciocertus], London, United Kingdom
I think Loren & Rose is a good interpretation of how we deal with intergenerational life experience. Rose is already in her older years. She has experience in the industry. Loren is learning how to make his break in the industry. This film shows how we learn from someone who has experience. Nowadays, I feel there is this struggle. The younger generation is not necessarily listening to the older generation. The older generation is more defensive about its experience when sharing its perspective. This film allows us to see how conversations between two people with various differences could actually find common ground and start a relationship that launches a career for one and a learning experience for the other.
Cyril Ver Constantino
[MA Candidate, International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy, Academy for Cultural Diplomacy], The Philippines
The film Loren & Rose chronicles the deep and unlikely friendship which evolves between Loren, a young, rising film director, and Rose, a talented,  mature film actress. After an initial meeting between Loren and Rose - at a restaurant to discuss Loren’s interest in casting Rose in his upcoming feature film - the viewer witnesses the evolution of their friendship throughinterludes of long, meaningful conversations about life and work. Although Rose’s prime as an actress has now past, her joie de vivre still radiates through her piercing blue eyes, and her zest and passion for her craft as an actress is unmistakable. Loren, on the other hand, is a soft-spoken talent, with a predilection for logic and structure. While unexpected, their connection is palpable and begins to make sense as Loren and Rose reveal more about their personal lives. Loren’s mother passed away when he was only twenty-two, and Rose struggles to connect with and maintain a close relationship with her daughter, Denise. In each other however, they have found this special connection. As with films such as Before Sunrise, the allure of the film is in its rich conversations about life, work, and the nature of human connection that prompts us to reflect on our own lives, as well.
Megan Araghi, MSc
[SOAS, University of London Alumna], United States

Interview with Jacqueline Bisset, Kelly Blatz, and Russell Brown

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